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Passive Investing: The Evidence

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Part 7: The Tide Is Turning

November 26, 2012

Passive Investing is becoming more popular in the US and the evidence is that it's beginning to take off in the UK. With investment costs higher here than almost anywhere else in the world, the potential for growth is huge, and the trend towards passive is gathering momentum. Featuring Vanguard's Bill McNabb and Gus Sauter, Ken French, William Bernstein and Jasmine Birtles along with Richard Wood and Igors Alferovs from UK wealth management firm BRWM.

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Martin A. Smith

Very insightful info about Passive Investing Theory, Part 7: The Tide Is Turning


Is 'passive investing' the right term? Making an investment and 'holding' is all very well, investing in a company that is undervalued and held is what is needed to make a good return.


As a former broker, my telling clients the truth of their real value to the retail financial industry comes as a shock at first. I show them the real "pecking order" in order of priority: first, the selling firm, followed by the retail commissioned salesperson,.. and lastly, the client.

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