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Passive Investing: The Evidence

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Part 1: The outperformance myth

November 05, 2012

Part one of our eight part documentary, Passive Investing: The Evidence, describes how the £4 trillion invested by UK fund managers more often than not produces a below-average return and fails to match, never mind beat, the average market return over the long term. Are the fund managers as smart as they like to think they are? Financial gurus John Bogle, Charles Ellis and Ken French, amongst others, think not.

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Nick Lincoln

Great stuff. Education, education, education!

Ian Smith

This is so true. Holding gold or an index over 10 years is better than most fund managers can achieve. It's called over trading to justify your existence!

Duncan Glassey

Congratulations, great piece of important work. Will change investors lives.

Sean Bradford

Great series. Thanks

Mark Hebner

Great job!


Very well done. Thank you!

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