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Video blog: the shocking impact of charges on investment returns

If you’ve ever wondered why we put so much emphasis on the cost of investing, this video explains why. Over 40 years, the typical effect of charges is to reduce your potential returns by more than two-thirds. Don’t believe us? Look at the figures.

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Acuity Volume 23: Your Adviser's Role As Your Investment Coach

Investing isn't easy. This issue of Acuity looks into how a good adviser will provide value by improving the investment experience, with a higher chance of success than if you were going it alone.

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High-quality subscription content for financial advisers

From 2015, Sensible Investing will be providing financial advisers with high-quality subscription content. To find out more, contact Richard Wood at

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The market needs active managers - just far fewer of them

Of course it’s possible for active fund managers to add value. But in practice, after costs, they very rarely do. Part of the problem, says Weston Wellington from Dimensional Fund Advisors, is there are far too many of them.

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Why 2014 was a watershed year for the UK fund industry

For those of us campaigning for a fairer fund industry, and a bigger role for low-cost, evidence-based investing, the last few years have been a constant struggle. But 2014 has given us cause for optimism.

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Defined contribution workplace pensions: The audit of charges and benefits in legacy schemes

A legacy pension audit by the Independent Project Board reveals £26bn exposed to high charges of up to 3%